SLO City Emblem_4color_drkbkgdThe City of San Luis Obispo’s SLO Transit system entered into an agreement with Bishop Peak Technology for continual support of the “Bus Tracker” smart phone application. In 2010 four Cal Poly University students, as part of a senior class project, created “The Bus Tracker” smart phone application for the benefit of the SLO Transit riding public. The app has since become an indispensable tool for many of the existing riders, by providing real-time bus information, as well as become a useful instrument for attracting new riders to the SLO Transit system.

What was once an in-kind class project has now become a successful for-profit company (i.e. Bishop Peak Technology) selling its services to a number of other communities. “We are happy to enter into this agreement with Bishop Peak Tech. They exemplify what can be achieved with private/public partnerships. The features their application offers are vital to our riders and significantly supplement our CAD/AVL system for improved operational management” states Gamaliel Anguiano, Transit Manager for SLO Transit.

Bishop Peak has since expanded their product to include a back-end/administrative website with useful management tools for transit organizations. These tools allow for scheduled route changes, push notifications, alerts, customizations, and other system diagnostic tools. To date the bus tracker app has been downloaded nearly 30,000 times and seen a 30% overall increase in use within the last 10 months. You can visit to more about the organization and their application.