This February The Pilates Collective SLO and Empower Massage Therapy take on the topic of pain in their workshop Pain 101. This event will be hosted at The Pilates Collective SLO on Saturday, February 9 from 12:30 p.m.- 2 p.m. Attendees will learn a basic understanding of pain physiology and neurology, and discover what happens in the brain when experiencing pain. Discussion will include the Pain Cycle, the effects of past and present injuries, environmental factors that produce pain and how overloading our system with stress, which contributes to potential musculoskeletal pain. This workshop will help you develop management skills that will empower, and help gain control over your pain and body.

Single Workshop cost $40, and Powerhouse and 8 Private Sessions and Monthly Members are $25.

Reserving space is encouraged; please call (805) 996 0677 or email info@pilatescollectiveslo.comReservations can also be booked and or bought online. For more information, visit com and follow Pain 101 Workshop’s Facebook event.


About Pilates Collective SLO

Pilates Collective SLO was created in pursuit of helping people move and feel better physically, mentally and beyond. Not only does our studio subscribe to the traditional Pilates method and its benefits but we coined the term “Pilates Collective” as we have adopted tools from other modalities of fitness, physical therapy/rehab and wellness institutions to better serve our clients. It is this collective and collaborative group of ideas, systems, people and energy that make us who we are, have reshaped the way we understand fitness and wellness, and we are SO HAPPY to share it with you. It’s time to rethink fitness with Pilates Collective SLO.

About Empower Massage Therapy

Empower Massage Therapy is born out of a strong desire to serve and help others. What makes Empower Massage Therapy different is the clinical and analytical approach to manual therapy. This approach requires dedication, and continual education. The practice is based on the best available evidence, and the techniques implemented are based on certain principles and truths. More and more people are seeking alternative means to managing pain, tension, and stress. Massage Therapy is one answer that looks completely different from the fast-paced, often impersonal care many receive today.