Two Broads Ciderworks is in the process of building a tasting room to share their cider and build a space for community gatherings in San Luis Obispo. The women-owned business is using Kickstarter to help fund the completion of construction. “It’s actually a complete accident we launched the Kickstarter during Pride Month,” Morgan said. Maggie chimed in, “A happy accident.” The couple has been together since 2001.

“The Kickstarter is a way to get the community involved in the project. The funds raised will go towards finishing touches to make the space inviting and comfortable, from furniture to locally-made artwork. You can come in when it’s finished and be proud that you helped build it,” co-owner Maggie Przybylski said.

“We want to provide a welcoming space where we can share and showcase the many styles of cider,” said co-owner Morgan Murphy. “It will be especially rewarding to give back to the community by way of providing an informal event space where everyone feels welcome.”

They recognize that these are trying times for many individuals and appreciate every bit of support they can get, and intend to return that support to the community. Once everything is in place, they intend to feature displays by local, queer, and female artists, a small library, and host workshops and acoustic performances. “We all need something to look forward to,” Maggie added.

Two Broads cider production is located at 3427 Roberto Court in San Luis Obispo, where these two broads will continue to crush, press, ferment, and package all the cider, as they have since 2017. They made their mark in the local beverage world with three popular ciders; Gala Agenda is made predominantly with Gala apples, Kumquat May is a citrusy, fruit cider, and Bearded Queen is a lightly hopped cider named to honor a local drag performer. They pride themselves on using local and heirloom apples as much as possible. They prefer to make dry, bright, wine-like ciders.

They are self-distributed locally at Mint + Craft, Lincoln Market Deli, Fossil Wine Bar, and Oak and Otter, to name a few, and have a few accounts in the Bay Area as well. For more a full list of places with Two Broads Cider, visit their website at

By participating in the Kickstarter campaign individuals can receive a number of rewards and also help support the business. For more information about Two Broads Ciderworks Kickstarter visit: