The SLO Chamber celebrates Leadership SLO XXIV, Water Wise Project, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

When planning for the project started in 2015, California was in the middle of the worst drought our generation had ever seen. Representatives from the class took a small piece of City-owned land covered in water-hungry grass outside SLO Rep, and replaced it with drought-tolerant native and adapted plants and materials that are both tough and beautiful. Path lights were also installed to highlight the artwork already in place and invites the public to walk through the garden. To make this a teachable exhibit, the class developed a small interpretive sign, expressing through images and words what it takes to do something similar in your own yard. Class 24 wanted to make sure its legacy project would be water wise, teachable, and sustainable for years to come.

The purpose of the Leadership SLO Legacy Project is to give class members a real-world opportunity to use their new leadership skills and strengthen their bonds with other class members. Its goal is to help leave a long-lasting, positive benefit to the community and to strengthen Leadership San Luis Obispo and its long-term viability; according to a press release.

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